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Collaboration has become a known term in India as a legal contract between house owner and builder. In collaboration, propertyclub not only provide their expertise, but often provide finances (Capital Investment) as well. In return, they get the right to sell a portion of the property or gets a share of sale value of the property. Collaboration process is very simple. If you have a vacant property, but you don’t have time or resources to develop the property, Capital Collaboration & Builders (CCB) will help you in every step of development of the property. Right from finance (Providing Capital) to managing day to day construction works. In collaboration, Delhi Construction and property owners will sign a collaboration agreement. Architectural design and specifications for the property are agreed upon in advance at the time of agreement. Project timeline vary as per the size of construction.

propertyclub specialize in collaboration services in high and middle level properties in Delhi. From outright buying rights to construction investments in a commercial/residential collaboration with the land owner. With our over a decade experience and delivery of few projects we can guarantee you a peace of mind and top quality work in an affordable price.